Welcome to Decatur Head Beach Association


The Decatur Head Beach Association is a community composed of forty families organized as a cooperative. We are united by our shared love for this special place where we work together to maintain a relaxing vacation spot, with a minimal impact on the environment.



Our eight cabins sit alongside one-and-a-half miles of waterfront on Decatur Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington State. One cabin is occupied by our caretakers, while the other seven are shared by the forty owners, who take turns using them. We also have two docks, eight mooring buoys, a tennis court, our own well, and a boat for shuttling to and from the mainland.

The cabins are all unique, well-equipped and maintained, and sleep anywhere from four to ten guests. We have storage for skiffs, kayaks, outboards, fuel, oars, crab pots, and personal lockers for each member.

Decatur Island is approximately two miles by three miles in size, with a one-room school, a Saturday market, and a country store with a lunch counter that serves delicious milkshakes.

And if that wasn’t enough, James Island State Park is just a short row or paddle away.


Memberships for Sale

Own a piece of the San Juans

What does ownership in DHBA mean? You will own 1/40th of all the real property and become a member of our community. This ownership grants you access to the facilities per our bylaws and reservation policies, gives you a say in how the property is run and managed, and allows you to have a place in the San Juans that will be a proud part of your family legacy. Each of our members is able to sell their membership share whenever they please.

Currently, there are no memberships for sale


Email: decaturhd@centurytel.net
Decatur Office: 360.375.6010

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